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   Hurricane River Caverns: located between Harrison, and Marshall, Arkansas, offers the Ultimate Cave Tour. We are an easy day trip, from these Arkansas locations: Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Eureka Springs; or from Branson, Missouri.

   Hurricane River Caverns, lies deep in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. This is a great way to spend your weekend. Come and witness this natural wonder first hand. Hurricane River Caverns offers two types of cave tours, namely, our regular self-guided ( available at our discretion ) cave tour, and our challenging, extreme cave tours, for adrenalin addicts. Our cave tours follow the various passageways, of a former underground river system, which today is graced by year round springs. These springs converge at the cave entrance, and become known as the Hurricane Branch, which winds up in the Buffalo National River: the # 1 area, local attraction. Stunning cave formations, such as stalactites, stalagmites, flow-stone, rim stone dams, and cave popcorn, await you, inside the cave. We also feature numerous rare calcite shields.

   We sell rocks, minerals, and fossils, brought in from many countries around the world. Also available, is the Arkansas quartz crystal, our state stone.

   The bluff line outside our cave is laden with crinoid fossils. If you look for them, you will find lot's of them; and you can keep what you find. There is a small cave, called Bear Cave, in an abandoned open pit Zinc Mine, that you can explore free of charge. There are also numerous fun free activities, that involve digging out various "cave leads", : you could be the one to break into a brand new cave system. Another activity that kids enjoy, is catching crawdads, in a series of spring-fed pools. Guests are also welcome to hike this some 200 acre property, which includes the old Zinc Mine.

   Our extreme cave tours, consist of any combination of the following: sliding, stumbling, contortionist positions, belly crawls, hands and knees crawls, irregular terrain, gooey, sticky clay, short swims, tight squeezes, vertical climbs, and disconcerting ravine crossings, of indeterminate depths, along with other unnamed challenges. Our extreme wild cave tours usually last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. For the safety of our guests, we provide caving helmets, headlights, knee pads, and gloves.You will need to bring a change of clothes, towels, a long sleeved shirt, jeans, and a belt.

   Keep in mind that we are between Harrison, and Marshall, Arkansas: about a half hour either way; and an easy day trip from Little Rock, Hot Springs, or Eureka Springs. Also, we are only about an hour's drive, from Branson, Missouri.

   Come and witness the inner beauty of Hurricane River Caverns, through any one of the three separate tours that we offer. We provide for a family bonding experience, like no other. Call us, or email us at: , for a reservation, or for more information. We are located in Northwest Arkansas just off highway 65, halfway between Harrison and Marshall; and only about an hour south of Branson, Missouri.

Lots of video clips available on our Facebook page

Check out this Channel 5, CBS affiliate, 3 part documentary, out of Fort Smith, Arkansas:

Our regular tour
Our Deep North wild tour: part 1
Our Deep North wild tour: part 2
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Directions to Hurricane River Cave

From the South:
Take 65 North in Conway, AR to Hurricane River Cave

From the North:
Take 65 South in Springfield, MO to Hurricane River Cave

From 9:00 AM
March through October
We are usually open during the Winter

The cost of this regular cave tour is $11.75 for adults, and $5.75 for children ( age 5-12 ).

The cost of these extreme cave tours is $89.00 per person, plus state and local taxes: currently at 9.5 % . Group rates, and family rates, are available. Go-Pro HD video footage is available for $30, if you bring your own flash drive that has at least 16 gigs of storage.